Bisley Terms & Conditions


  • Children are welcome from the ages of two to five years.
  • Children are required to be registered for a minimum of two sessions per week.
  • All parents/carers must complete a registration form, detailing in full any health, dietary, medical, allergic or other special needs and must continue to inform the nursery school of any changes/progress to the condition, in writing, when they become aware.
  • Parents must inform the nursery school of any changes to all information kept by the nursery school, e.g. change of address, custody, telephone number, GP, etc.
  • A registration fee of £50 is required to confirm your booking. The registration fee will be deducted from the first term’s fee.
  • An administration fee of £20 is required to cover the cost of name tags, place mats, Learning Journey, Busy Folder, etc, which we will make for your child. If you decide not to take up the placement, the administration and registration fees are not refundable


  • Parents will receive an invoice every term by e-mail.
  • Fees are payable termly in advance, before the first day of each term, by cheque, BACS or childcare vouchers.
  • Please make cheques payable to SKYLAKE NURSERY’S LIMITED.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash payments for security reasons, unless by prior arrangement with the principal.
  • We are registered with various childcare vouchers schemes. If you wish to use childcare vouchers as a method of payment, please e-mail and the Childcare Voucher Agreement will be forwarded to you. We will confirm whether your chosen voucher scheme is currently registered with us. If it is not, you will need to give yourself a good period of time (around four to six weeks) to set up your payments. If it appears that your payment by voucher will be later than the due date, please pay the first instalment by cheque instead. Please provide a schedule of payments in writing by the end of the first week of term
  • For those not entitled to the Early Years Free Entitlement, you may split the payment into two half-termly portions, by making the second cheque post-dated. The post-dated cheque must be given together with the first cheque before the first day of each term. The dates of post-dated cheques should be 1st, November (Autumn Term), 1st March (Spring Term), 1st June (Summer Term). Please add £1.00 to your second cheque to cover the banking fee.
  • No deduction of fees is made for absence due to illness or for holidays taken in term time or if the nursery school is closed owing to the conditions beyond our control, e.g. snow fall, power failure.
  • It is parent’s responsibility to ensure that any payment of fees made by childcare vouchers or BACS, reach the nursery school before the first day of each term.
  • Late payments could be subject of £20 administration fee, should your payment not be received by the nursery school before the beginning of each term.
  • Non payment of fees for a period of 7 days following their due date will result in suspension of attendance of your child at the nursery school. Parents will still be responsible for fees accruing during this time and full payment of all outstanding fees will be required prior readmission. Non payment of fees for a period of 14 days will be deemed to be notice of termination of this agreement. All payment accrued during this time will be payable.
  • Fees are reviewed annually. Parents are advised in Summer Term about the fees for the next academic year.


Sickness and illness

(Please see our Sick and Injured Children Policy)

  • Any child who has, or develops, an infectious illness must be kept at home.
  • In order to prevent the spread of illness, any child suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea must be kept at home until clear of symptom for a minimum period of 48 hours.
  • If your child has developed an infectious illness, e.g. chicken pox, please notify the nursery school. You will be advised on the exclusion period.
  • In the event of accident or illness requiring medical attention a qualified member of staff will administer first aid. In emergency we reserve the right to call an ambulance and admit the child to hospital and every effort will be made to contact parents.


Collection of children

(Please see our Non Collection of Children Policy)

  • Parents are asked to provide names, addresses, telephone numbers of adults who are authorised by the parents to collect their child from the setting, for example a childminder or grandparent (on regular collector’s form);
  • Parents are asked to provide information about any person who does not have legal access to the child (with copies of legal documents) and who has parental responsibility for the child.
  • Parents are asked to provide emergency contact details for one, preferably two people, who live locally to the nursery school and would be able to collect the child in an emergency.
  • On occasions when parents are aware that they will not be at home or in their usual place of work, they should notify the person in charge of how they can be contacted.
  • On occasions when parents or the persons normally authorised to collect the child are not able to collect the child, they should, when bringing the child to the nursery school, record the name, address and telephone number of the person who will be collecting their child in our Going Home Book. We agree with parents how to verify the identity of the person who is to collect their child.
  • Under no circumstances will the child be allowed to leave the nursery school with anyone unknown to nursery school staff unless the parent has previously arranged this.


Late collection

  • At the discretion of the principal, the right is reserved to charge parents for additional time worked by our staff. We will charge £20 after the first 15 minutes and then a charge of £15 for every fifteen minutes after that.



  • By signing these terms and conditions, you accept a place for your child at Bisley Montessori Nursery School.
  • You will need to give a complete half term’s notice in writing (i.e. before the first day of a half of a term), on a sessional day, to cease attendance or reduce the number of sessions. If notice is given at the beginning or during term-time, the notice period will take effect from the beginning of the next half of term.
  • If a parent withdraws their child during this notice period, the fees shall still remain payable.
  • You cannot claim Early Years Free Entitlement, if your child ceases to attend the nursery during the notice period, therefore the full fees will apply.


Personal property and belongings

  • We cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to children’s property.
  • Every reasonable effort will be made by nursery school staff to ensure the children’s belongings are not lost or damaged.
  • All items of clothing, lunchboxes, etc. must be clearly labelled.



  • We accept no responsibility for children whilst in their parent’s care on nursery school premises, i.e. prior to start of the session or after pick up.


  • A copy of all our policies is available on the display board and on our website
  • Upon demand, an entire set of policies is available at £10.00 to cover paper and printing cost.



  • You can find our complaint procedure amongst our set of policies on the display table.

Consent for staff to apply sun lotions or creams

I give consent for staff to apply sun lotion/cream that I have supplied and clearly labelled. In the event that I have not provided sun lotion/cream I understand that Bisley Montessori Nursery School will not be held responsible for any skin complaint resulting from participation in outdoor activities in sunny weather conditions.

Consent for nursery staff to apply plasters

I give consent for staff to apply plasters on my child, if necessary. 

Consent for nursery staff to take photographs of your child.

Nursery school staff may take a photograph of your child which will be added to your child’s Busy Book or nursery school album, used for nursery display or name tag. All photographs are taken with the nursery school cameras. Only management team is allowed to take cameras to photo shops to develop pictures.  No photographs of children are stored on personal computers. There is a separate consent form for children to be photographed by outside agencies.

I give consent for staff to take pictures of my child for his Busy Folder, name tag, nursery album and wall displays.


Consent for nursery staff to do face painting

From time to time we do fundraising event or hold special occasion sessions where we do face painting. I give consent for staff to apply face paints on my child. Bisley Montessori Nursery School cannot be responsible for any skin complaint resulting from participating in face painting.


I understand the content of the Terms and Conditions and agree to adhere to these terms.

I accept a place for my child at Bisley Montessori Nursery School and am aware of the notice I need to give in case I wish to cease my child’s attendance or reduce the sessions.



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